Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The other evening we visited a friend and
Bjork, my bedbug, went along for the ride.
She had many adventures.

Bjork thought she would love
to drive my friend's car....

As you can see,
it was a hazy evening.

It's pretty warm around here...
but not as bad as other places.
What a hot summer...again.

It wasn't long ago it
looked like this around here...

Hope you are staying cool
if it is warm where you live.

As always,

enjoy the day!

1 comment:

AngelMc said...

Hi Helen, I haven't been away, just have a broken laptop...but I keep up with you on my iPhone.
I sooo enjoy all your posts and the amazing things that you make. I adored the paper dolls. It brought back childhood memories of when I used to make paper dolls out of pictures from the Sears Roebuck catalog.
I enjoy Bjork's adventures, but I miss Edie. Please tell her hello for me.
It is hotter than blue blazes here...102 in the shade. Hope you are keeping cool.