Friday, June 17, 2011

Silly Gnome time...

My friend and I did a challenge last week. We took a piece of wood 2 inches square and one inch tall and were going turn into some sort of little scene. The only real guideline was that one side should create a back ground "wall."

Lately I have been needle felting and incorporating wooden bases. The gnome is made from paper and is removable so she can put different character in her scene. (I drew him with pen and used watercolor pencils to color him.)

On another gnome note, my friends and I are having fun with the bedbugs you see in Martha and Jane. They are all over the world now--from Hungary to Scotland to England and many parts of the USA. Fortunately they are plush and not the real bug that makes one itchy!

Cristina from Cri Cri Studio made us all some gifts ...and surprised us! Check out this darling little gnome...and the pretty flower pin she sent! She is an AMAZING felt artist and creates wonderful wearable felt and teaches classes. She is on Facebook here.

In a world filled with serious problems and the headlines filled with news that really is not is a nice escape to enjoy the things that make us happy...including the things we loved as a child...and to play. One would think sometimes that I am a frivolous person playing with dolls. In reality, I am socio-politically, financially, and culturally aware...far more serious than you might think here...with all these dolls and gnomes! But this blog is my playground where I love visiting my friends...and I am always happy to see you here!

"I also found child's play - stuff that was not considered serious, but goofy - was the stuff I liked to do, so I still do it as an adult."
---Matt Groening

The weekend is almost here!

As always,

enjoy the day...

and don't forget to play!


April said...

I Love everything about this scene!!! What a fantastic idea!! Love your Gnome and the idea he can be "Changed." Love the felted scene and the wood base and cahrming feet! Terrific!!!!

Shelley said...

Your talent amazes me...Have you met my dear friend Jackie from "Once upon a Fairyland" ? I think you two could become the best of playmates :)
Here's her link..go pay her a visit...I think you will enjoy her blog....blessings

Lee Prairie Designs said...

You are so clever! Love the Gnome.

Thanks for sharing your darling guys with us.