Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Solstice!

Summer is officially here! We are actually having some lovely weather after so much extreme weather during the spring and winter. Perfect weather for hiking and enjoying the wild life in a pond.

I always say "there are ten perfect days in any year in New England"...and we have already had a few of them this spring.

What is a perfect day...to me? Blue skies, low humidity, air temperature between 75 and 80 with a light breeze...and the temperatures dropping to the 60's at night.

Unfortunately, even here in southern New England, we often have smoggy skies since we are located half way between NYC and Boston.

For the past decade it has been extremely hot, the humidity frequently very high, and severe storms are the norm rather than weekly summer rains. We all long for the days when summers were much cooler here.

No matter...when a perfect day comes along, the appreciation level is quite high. Today is a perfect start to summer...hope it stays this way!

Thank you to the readers who wrote to me or commented about my last post. It was a heartfelt post and received some wonderful heartfelt responses.

As always,
where ever you are,
whatever the season,

enjoy the day.

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April said...

What a lovely way to spend the day! These are the days and the outings the Grands will remember. I also LOVE your drawing of the lighthouse and the home in the top corner!