Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More fun in NYC...

She swooned
when she saw this big green bug.
Bjork is a celebrity watcher for sure.

Before it started raining,
we were able to sit outside
on the double decker bus.

We passed by Times Square
on our way to other places...

Bjorn couldn't resist
this "sweet" photo op!

This pretty building
is behind the NYC

Seems rather elegant....

It is actually one of the best kept secrets in NYC...
a very fancy public rest room
voted as the best in the city!

It was foggy at South Street Seaport
but the view of the tall ships
was still pretty amazing...

was barely visible in the fog
but Bjork can never resist
such photo ops...

Of course, souvenirs were in order...

a tiny "I love NY" bear..

a vintage chenille bear

A good time was had by all. Special thanks to our traveling companions: Marie, Michael and Margaret. We visited many other of our favorite places...all in one day!
We were glad to sit down for the ride home on the train.

Hope your travels are many...

and as always...

enjoy the day!


Flutterby Patch said...

It really is an amazing place and impossible to experience unless you've been (sadly a bit too far for me). Bjork looks really at home there.

Shelley said...

I don't get to travel...thank you for taking me along with you to New York....I enjoyed the pictures very much....blessings

Shelley said...

Received my goodie package ...thank you so much....such wonderful eye candy...blessings and thanks again dear dolly friend :)

April said...

BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!! Bjork's "Swoon" with the big green bug has me Laughing So hard!!!! He does look familiar.....I love the photos of the boats and bridge with the fog- extra beautiful!!! FANTASTIC PHOTOS of New York and a little Bug in the Big City!!!! HAHAHA...she reminds me of Marlo Thomas (remember "That Girl"???!!!)

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Wow, what a day in my favourite city!
How far from NY do you live?

I´ve got a link for you that might be interesting,
make the pics bigger and enjoy!

I have plans for making some spunned cotton figures this summer, do you know where to find spunned cotton?


Beth said...

Great trip! My favorite shots are of the bathroom; such lovely flowers :-)