Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bedbug adventure continues...

When the little donkey came over to the wall Bjork jumped quickly into my arms. The little donkey seemed to think she was a snack!

So, we traveled down the hill a bit and she saw some cows.

She was feeling somewhat braver
after her encounter with the tiny donkey.

We really hated to get back into the car but we were not finished with our day.

We stopped into an antique store
we have been passing by forever
and it was a fine day to visit.

Canterbury Antiques
is such a charming store!

Jill Fritzsche , the owner, is the mother of seven and her youngest, the lovely Avery, was just picking out some vintage earrings to wear...

Avery was kind enough
to pose with Bjork.

There was so much to look at...I know we will visit again. Jill is really nice and so knowledgeable...and the shop is right up the road from our favorite ice cream store, Canterbury Cones.

Don't you just love this
Glenwood stove?

It was another fun day in New England. After a long harsh winter, it is nice to be out and about and visiting some favorite places.

As always,

enjoy the day!

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