Monday, May 09, 2011

Donkeys, bedbugs, oh my!

We were driving along when we spotted our favorite hot dog stand, Top Dog. There were lots of people in line, so Bjork the bedbug and I stayed in the car.

Do bedbugs like hot dogs?

After the crowd cleared away,
Bjork wanted to say hello to the owner.

Located in Portland, CT,on Route 66,
this is one of our very favorite places
to dine al fresco!

Don't you love the taxi?

As you can see, it has been a late spring here and not all the leaves are on the trees. Do I see little burros?

Bjork thought
we should take a photo!

The little brown one
looked like he was listening!

Next thing you know,
he was at the wall braying
and talking a blue streak!

I really wanted to bring him home

...a very cute and talkative burro!

There is more to this adventure but that is enough excitement for now. Hope you had a lovely weekend with adventures, too!

As always,
enjoy the day!


April said...

Oh I LOVE the donkey coming over to talk to Bjork!!! She is such a popular gal!! The donkey must have spoken "Bedbuggian"! My favorite photo is Bjork with the Top Dog much fun! Bjork just makes people Happy!

Beth said...

I LOVE hotdogs! Do you think you could find a little room in your back yard for the burro??

Thanks for the smile today :-)