Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Here I am!

Have you been wondering where I have been? For at least five years I have blogged here (or elsewhere) three times a week...faithfully. Not so this week.

I decided to sort
through every
piece of paper and art supply
at my disposal.
So, what happened?

I created a worse mess
than I had before!

I would be lying if I said I wasn't having fun. I have enjoyed sorting and rediscovery and the inspiration from all the colors and patterns.

In between sorting stuff, we ran up to Vermont. At an art display I saw this piece of furniture I love. Hopefully, Mr. DollZandThingZ will finish some projects soon and make me a similar item. Hint, hint.

In one of my favorite antique stores, I saw this donkey and thought, "as a child I would have loved this!"

My friend April commented. "as a child? You wanted now and I am surprised it didn't come home with you!"

She knows me well! There was a moment of temptation...

So, back to work here. Between art, sewing and needle felting supplies...and a small home... there is much to do.

Hope you had a marvelous new year's eve and will have a fabulous 2011!

As always,

enjoy the day!


Shelley said...

It is fun discovering things you forgot you had....I know a little boy who would give that old donkey a run for his money :) My grandson Colton would love it! Blessings on your New year as well...Shelley

Beth said...

Enjoy playing! I love this time of year, after the rush of Christmas and New Year's is over; time to do whatever comes to mind :-)

Happy 2011 to you!


AngelMc said...

First all your art/craft stuff is pure eye candy. Just looking at it all made me tingle all over.
And that in the world did you not bring him home? You have some serious will power.

Lena said...

LOL, I was thinking, I'd want that little donkey now too!

I'm cleaning and organizing craft supplies, and feeling overwhelmed. I don't remember it being so much stuff!

That cupboard is very pretty. Wow, that would be nice if Mr. Dollz and Thingz could recreate it.

April said...

OH MAN! Awesome cabinet!!!! I Cannot wait to see what Mr. Dollz comes up with! He is a Master Wood Worker and Artist!!! How in the world do they do the zig zaggy wood? That's Amazing! And all the ROOM!!!!
Donkey is calling you!!!!You better go back and get him!!!!