Friday, January 07, 2011

It's snowing again...

After some delightful, sunny days of snow-free weather, it is snowing again. This is our deck a few hours ago. Right now it's dark and there must be around 8 inches of snow.

I love the silence of the snow. Noise is muffled and there is less traffic on the road. Occasionally, a snow plow roars down the road and breaks the quietude.

Yesterday was spent shopping with a friend and exchanging Christmas gifts. Next week I really must take photos of some of the exceptional handmade gifts I received this year.

The weekend is here. Holidays make me lose track of the days and it will me a while before I establish a normal schedule in my head!

As always,

Happy weekend..

and enjoy the day!


AngelMc said...

That picture is so pretty and I can hear the quietness. It is supposed to snow ute this weekend. I have my fingers crossed.

Beth said...

Such a lovely view from your window. We had snow yesterday as well; large drifting flakes that finally covered all the grass. Maybe it is Nature's way of encouraging us to slow down.

Stay warm and snug and enjoy the day!


paris parfait said...

Beautiful photo! Looks so lovely and peaceful (although I know the reality of snow isn't always so lovely!)