Friday, December 31, 2010

Butterflies in December in the snow...

Yesterday we took another trip to
Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory.

Snow outside...
tropical weather inside.

Butterflies at a feeder...

There are butterflies
flying everywhere.

This atlas moth is
twelve inches across.

The koi pond
is beautiful!

Tiny, tiny button quail
scurry across the floor.

There are lizards galore..
all very friendly.

It's New Year's Eve...

stay safe, stay happy...

enjoy the day!

(Thank you Mr. DollZandThingZ

for excellent photos.)


Beth said...

What an enchanting place to visit, especially in the middle of winter :-) It was warm enough for butterflies here today, at 60f, a pleasant respite.

Happy New Year.


MarĂ­a Fridman said...

What amazing butterflies!
Thank you for your comment! As soon as you can will include a widget on my blog.

Elizabeth said...

Love the beautiful butterflies and love your blog. I try to check it off and on. I have my dolls from child hood and love them.
Please read my DIL's blog, she was diagnosed with stomach cancer right before Christmas. Please offer positive thoughts and a prayer for her life. She is 39, mother of 3. Thank you, Elizabeth Rhyneer

AngelMc said...

Amazing place..beautiful pictures.

Lena said...

What a sweet Happy New Year Card, Helen. I love it.

These photographs are a treat to see. Such lovely colors. I feel the need for color these days, and a wee bit of whimsey too. Butterfly wings, have you ever felt one flutter against your cheek? There is a reason for butterfly kisses, to be so called. It is a magical feeling, indeed.