Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Of dollz and thingz....

On Monday, my doll club was treated to a program by Hanna Kahl Hyland. Hanna, who is an accomplished painter and sculptor, is also a doll maker. You might know her work as a porcelain doll artist but many will know her work in wood. Her accomplishments are too many to list here but you can look here and here for further info and wonderful photos. Hanna made the doll in the movie "The Patriot."

Although I have know Hanna for many years and have seen a great deal of her work, I had not seen this gypsy. It has captured my heart and imagination. She is carved from cherry and has the most wonderful expression. In front of it, is the very first doll she carved many years ago.

Hanna gave us an in-depth description of the carving process. Can you imagine carving such tiny figures and beautiful dolls? Hanna is the most talented person I have ever known...she excels at everything she does. Her sewing skills are nonpareil.

These Hitty dolls are so beautiful they would take away your breath! Other small dolls in the photo are exquisite.

Many members brought in wooden dolls for show and tell. It was fun seeing so many types. Yours truly did, too, as I have some wooden dolls in my own collection. But, also came home with a new doll....a Polly Shorrock doll from the 60's or 70's. Alice M. Copithorne made these dolls under the name Polly Shorrock and/or Alice M. Wainwright. This doll is 12 inches tall and the largest one I have seen. She is VERY primitive compared to Hanna's work. I think they were turned on a lathe and I know they were mass produced in a cottage industry in Massachusetts. Still, she has charm. I washed her clothes...and she fits in well here with my modest collection of rag-tag dolls!

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into our doll club meeting. White Oaks Doll Club is over 30 years old now and still going strong with close to 30 members. It is a UFDC club. I feel very privileged to be a member. Wish I had known about it even sooner as I never tire of learning about dolls.

As always,

enjoy the day!


Shelley said...

Very interesting...thanks so much for the sweet doll you brought home with you...blessings

April said...

That Gypsy is truly a beauty!!! I would so love to see all the dolls in person!!!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful doll pictures. Love the darling doll you broght home.

Carolyn :)

Beth said...

Such lovely carved dolls; what a wonderful way to spend the day :-)


natalie jo said...

I purchased one of the Polly Shorrock dolls several years ago at an antique shop in NH. I love her dearly but always felt bad that I was ignorant of her background. Thanks so much for such wonderful information! Wish I could have seen that lovely collection of Hanna's wooden dolls...they are absolutely amazing!