Friday, October 22, 2010

Old Wethersfield..

Old Wethersfield is one of the most beautiful cities in CT. It is steeped in history, the architecture is superb, and it is beautiful to the eye.

Here is the Red Onion Barn
on the cove.
This building dates back to 1691.

You can read about it here.

Click on the photo.

Every year there are hundreds
of displays for Halloween.
Most of them are
life sized
and they are a hoot!

I only had time

for a few photos but what fun!

Many of the old homes are museums.
You can stroll leisurely through town
and stop for coffee or a bite to eat.
It is not a tourist spot
but a neighborhood.

The leaves are peaking here this week. Today will be very windy so that could be the end of the season. It has been a wonderful autumn, though, with cool temperatures and beautiful autumn skies.

Hope you have a lovely weekend, and as always,

enjoy the day!


Flutterby Patch said...

Ooh! That sounds just my sort of place. A very interesting bit of history to read and it still retains its unique character. We have nothing like that in the UK. Have a great weekend and make the most of those leaves! Eli

April said...

My gooodness..that Barn doesn't look that old! What a lovely city...poor butter churner, she's Exhausted!!!!