Monday, July 12, 2010

Long weekend...

It's really quite hot
and humid
in our part of
New England.

We took a long weekend
cooler spots.
There are
Canada geese
in the middle of the pond.

There is
something about
water that feels cooler
even when it isn't.

It may cool off in the next few days. Despite the fact it is green and lush in the photos, we are lacking rainfall. The grass is crunchy under the feet and trees are turning brown and dropping leaves.

How is your summer going? I hope that you are staying cool. Of course, some readers are in the middle of winter and wishing for summer warmth! Right now, I just wish for a little rain to cool and refresh.

As always, in whatever weather,

enjoy the day!


Beth said...

We are hot and humid here as well. We did get some welcome rain this afternoon, and I sat and listened to it as I crocheted doll clothing. Very comforting.


Dawn said...

We were hot with crunchy grass last week. We got several nice rains and a couple of storms in the last few days. The garden is responding to the water, tomatoes, peppers, okra, squash, yum!!

April said...

What is that lovely castle turret? Gorgeous! Yes, it appears to look cool and inviting there- never would know hot hot and humid it is!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

It is hot and humid here in Des Moines, Iowa USA too! But this makes the tomatoes red, I hope!!
I enjoy your blog found yours through another. I started one a month ago and having lots of fun with it. Best wishes, Carolyn

Nancy said...

Hot and humid...just when I think I can't last another second, the nights cool a bit.

We will have to look into the movie, Lost in America. There had to be a plan, so RV'ing we will go...without giving up corporate America at this time. Still, we could sell the house, you never know.