Friday, July 16, 2010

It's summer time....

It's summer time...and the living is...HOT and HUMID. Yesterday we had a day under 90F, so I opened the windows, "changed the air" and gave Hank a bath. Hank weighs a little over 4 pounds and he hates bath time. I seldom take him to a groomer because they have a hard time with him, too. However, he was a very good little guy for his bath.

He is on his favorite chair in this photo. Note that the Teddy bear behind him is bigger than he is. And Hank is smiling...he is ten years old but still like a puppy.

Have you been over to Martha and Jane lately? There is a fairy tale going on complete with wickedly nasty queen!

We did have a some rain and that was great for the dry, crunchy dormant grass. It was not enough but better than none. It makes me glad that we turned our vegetable garden into a xeriscape garden that requires no watering. I cannot imagine how much water would be required to keep vegetables growing in this weather. The cherry tomatoes on the deck in their Earth Boxes are doing fine and require very little water.

Is it Friday? Yes, it is. Happy weekend and always,

enjoy the day!


Flutterby Patch said...

Could do with some of your weather right now. Northern England has been under a cloud for quite a few days and it doesn't look like we'll be getting sun any time soon. Enjoy your weekend. Eli

Christine LeFever said...

Hot town, summer in the city... Well, at least here the livin' is easy. I do adore my western, Oregon and cannot stress this enough. But I also love where you are, especially for the love of old stuff.

Yes, little Hank is always a puppy for that is what all dogs are to me, and all cats are baby kitties. Hank looks so happy to be all freshly groomed. Good work!

Still cannot get over that wicked Queen and her precious box. You are hilarious!!!

Hugs and smiles


April said...

I'm ashamed to say I have never heard of Xeriscape gardening- what a terrific way to go! Sounds lovely and the idea of "Less mowing"! Wow! For some reason Little Rock is in love with lawn! If we let our leaves sit awhile on top of the grass, the neighbors start chittering at us like squirrels!! YOUR yard sounds perfect!
Love little Hank- what a Darling!

AngelMc said...

Hank is sooo cute. And I understand about the bath stuff. David and I argue about who is going to bathe CiCi and GinGin. He did it this last time and Avery and Bryce helped!! ~{;->)
It is soo hot here it is almost unbearable. I stay in as much as possible. It rained today and has helped.

Nancy said...

Oh, too cute! Steve, a very distant cousin, is huge in comparison! He was the largest in a Silky litter and about that size as a puppy. Bath time is not his favorite, either. Although he is a bit warm now.

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your garden! We have tomatoes "on deck", too.

I was SURE I saw some pink, hmmm...well, it is Pink Saturday and I bet those PS ladies will find it. :-)