Friday, July 09, 2010

Creative stuff...

Time for creative stuff! Above are some of the spun cotton figures I have been working on in the heat wave. (It went to 105F here the other day.)

Carolyn, a close friend of mine, made the wonderful characters from my Be Happy images. She actually did a BETTER job than I have done at translating them into fiber. Many thanks Carolyn! I love them. Hope you have a wonderful time at UFDC convention are elected to office!

Here is a little diorama I out together from mint tins. As my regular readers know, I love the Belted Galloway cow and also love deer. This little two sided diorama is 2 inches by 2 1/2 inches. I touched up some plastic animals to create a more realistic look.

So what have you been up to? Is it miserably hot where you are? I know that it is winter for some of my readers. Hope that all are comfortable wherever you are.

Weekend is almost here. Weather forecast is for high humidity and possible thunderstorms. Summer is not for sissies! It seems to becoming like Christmas for me: great for kids and something to anticipate all year long, but the older I get, the less enchanting it becomes. The heat index was 110 the other day and our regular New England weather seems to have gone on vacation.

As always,

...enjoy the day

and happy weekend.


April said...

The heat has not made a dent in your talent and creativity! SPUN COTTON items are FANTASTIC! Carolyn, terrific Bears- look just like Helen's ATC characters! How sweet and thoughtful (And so creative!) of you! Love the tiny tins and their treasures! You have accomplished so much!!! What's MY excuse?

AngelMc said...

Those characters are just way too cute.
And it is hot down here!!! It has rained a little today and supposed to rain all weekend. I can only hope that it pours down rain the whole weekend.

Beth said...

105 is WAY too hot! And I agree that summer is not for sissies. Here in Indiana it has been hot and humid for days on end, but this is normal (sadly).

Love the little bear created from your delightful drawings; your friend did awesome work rendering him in fiber :-)