Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Weekend treasures...

Who could resist such scarecrows? I found these pink flamingos at the Vermont Country Store. You might not connect New England and pink flamingos but they are are quite popular here...don't ask me why. These will be living on the deck amongst the tomato plants.

Over the weekend, I found another hand-carved peg doll in an antique store in VT. The date on the back is 1974. This pattern was in McCall's magazine over the years. You can see more of them and the magazine here and here. I found the original magazine from the 50's to display with the doll. This gal was only ten dollars and her dress and underpinnings are worth more than that.

A friend told me about a dear little store a few towns away. It has been in the same spot 65 years, It is an old fashioned artificial flower shop. The owner , who is 85, was delightful. They carry pretty silk flowers --not like the cheap ones in the chain stores. There were several rooms piled high with all sorts of craft related items and it was a trip down memory lane. I had such a good time!

Yesterday it was 105F. The normal temperature would be in the 80's.
After dinner, the electricity went out for an hour. It was still in the 90's. Thankfully, it was only an hour. I worry about people without a/c, people who live in high rises where I know it can get hot...I hope everyone makes it through this unusual heat wave okay.

Stay cool. As always,

...enjoy the day.


AngelMc said...

Love that doll. Love those flamingos..never thought of them in New England though.
The heat--I feel your pain. It hasn't been as bad this week because it has been cloudy, and we had a good rain yesterday. But today, the heat plus the moisture in the ground, it was absolutely steamy today. I can hardly wait for fall.

SewManyDolls said...

I love that doll. I have the original magazine too and always wanted to find a woodcarver to make her. I think I was 10 or 12 when I first saw the pattern.
Lucky you. And to top it off the silk flower store. It looks like a treasure like the old Ben Franklins used to be.

Mrs. Staggs said...

What a lovely doll. She's not overdone. I like that about her. I've always appreciated that style of doll.

What a wonderful store. We used to have one like that nearby. All my friends and I loved it, but sadly, it is gone now. We used to talk about it a lot at craft night because the woman who owned it was a real character, and could be very grumpy. She sometimes yelled at her customers, and she had a sign on the front door that threatened to hang little children who touched things! For some reason though, she truly liked me and would talk my ear off at times. We all kept going there, because she had things that we couldn't find anywhere else. I miss the store, and surprisingly the owner too. I think, she had a difficult life at sometime. Her husband was a Norwegian fisherman named Olaf and I had the sense that he died when her children were young. Anyhow, what memories you've brought back. I'll be thinking of Annette all day today.

It's going to be in the 90's here today. It will feel very warm after what has been a very cool start to summer so far, in our part of the world.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh, and I should mention that one time I had to take my son in Annette's store one time for a last minute purchase before a craft sale. I warned him about her, even though he was always on his best behavior in stores, and showed him her sign, ect. She loved him, and even sent him home with a present. I'll never forget that. We have to look hard sometimes for what is truly inside a person's heart.