Friday, June 25, 2010

Stormy weather...

Like so many other places, we are experiencing some unseasonably hot and humid weather. That always means stormy weather.

Yesterday a violent storm ripped through the Northeast. Although it hasn't been verified, it would seem a tornado took down a few buildings south of here.

The sky turned very dark and had a greenish/gray cast and lots of lightning. There was no damage were we live, but it has left us wondering if every storm will carry a tornado watch or warning now. Previous to this year, these warnings were few and far between.

Normally, we do not need a/c until August and then for just a few weeks. This year we have had to turn it on early.

I am very happy to turn it off today for many reasons. One is to save energy and cost. Another reason is because I love the windows open and don't like the isolation and noise of the a/c. Our 100 year old home is not a candidate for central air due to some structural constraints, so the drone of various window units can be noisy.
(Of course, I am very grateful for a/c and feel very bad for those who don't have it for whatever reason.)

The weekend is around the corner. Hopefully, the weather will be a little calmer and cooler for everyone experiencing summer.

As always,

enjoy the day...

happy weekend...

and wishes for lovely weather!


Nancy said...

Yes, I would LOVE a/c right about now. The incessant humidity in a home with no a/c wears on me after a bit. Ah, but I could be so environmentally smug, even though I wouldn't until THAT is all that gets me through the day. :-)

I'm not sure my post was clear. It was about relo, tags are the clue. Update in my comments.

Christina said...

yes, we are experiencing these storms, as well. tornado sirens and all.

i do love this pic.