Monday, June 28, 2010

Hazy, Hot, Humid...NYC

You can see it was getting hazy.
I was happy to get this reflection
of the Empire State Building.

Times Square
before the humidity
moved in...

The skating rink at
Rockefeller Center
in summer mode

Entry to Rockefeller Center
across from
the skating rink.

It was over 90F degrees, hazy and humid in the city this past weekend.

Gone are the days of when people dressed up in the summer. Flip flops, tank tops, shorts, are the fashion now. The long halter dresses of the 70's were spotted here and there.

Gone are many boutiques and small shops.

Gone are the "coffee shops" and small delis that were the only place one could get a bite to eat.

Enter "big box" chain stores and fast food chain restaurants. The good news? Plenty of restaurants and restrooms, affordable places to eat and a much cleaner, safer city.

Though I usually do not like to be in the city in extreme weather...I would go again in an instant. The city never disappoints and always delights.

Now back to Monday...

enjoy the day!


Flutterby Patch said...

Very evokative pictures. I'd love the NY experience but it's a lengthy trip from across the pond. Maybe one day!

April said...

Your photos are sensational! And I guess all the blue and glass and umbrellas give off the feeling of a cooler perfect Spring Day. Fortunatley I can't feel the heat and humidity. Makes me SO want to be there. I love the entrance to Rockefeller Center!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Great photos Helen!

I love NYC and have been there twice. I think that it still retains some original character, at least compared to so many places. For such a "big city" it actually feels small town in some ways to me. I love how in some parts of the city, each block seems like it's own little place in time, with so much character. I love the green grocer's best of all, and all the flowers you can purchase.

I hate the way the world is becoming so generic. I keep hoping it will pass, but I guess it won't now that the Internet makes it so easy to shop around the world. It's harder and harder to find the unique things in different places, I agree.