Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fashionistas & Bunnies...

Martha and Jane are getting ready for a spring runway show. You can preview it here. If these two don't make you smile, nothing will!

Meanwhile. the cool spring weather continues here. This is the spring I love when all is emerald and gentle rains bathe the flowers with iridescence!

A few years ago I started collecting and looking at "spun cotton ornaments." They are not always spun and not always cotton as I have come to find out. Sometimes they have wool, felt, composition or paper heads, and all sorts of other traits.The old ones I like are quite expensive. They were from Germany and Russia for the most part. But, the Japanese made them, too. How any have survived is beyond me. They were sold in dime stores and not meant to last forever. My favorite spun cotton artist is Vintage by Crystal. Her work is wonderful and I am lucky enough to own two pieces. I encourage you to visit her web site.

The bunnies below on the left and right are old. The chick is old, too. I bought the chick last year in Brimfield. The medium size bunny is one I just made. I want a whole bunch of bunnies!

Tomorrow I am off to Brimfield again! Should be a lovely, sunny day in the 60's. There are thousands of booths. I can't wait!

As always.

enjoy the day!


April said...

Hah! You know what they say about bunnies...I'm sure you'll end up with a bunch! Your bunny looks as authentic and terrific as the others! I can not tell them apart except for size!
Oh I wish I could go with you to Brimfield tomorrow- we would have so much fun!!! I would be poor but it would be worth it. Have a fabulous time and hope you find some treaures!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Martha and Jane are a hoot! LOL!

I've always loved those sweet easter things. Your bunny looks very similar Helen. Great job!

Crystal's batting figures are truly marvelous. Her animals especially, I think. I'd love an old feather tree decorated with some of those.