Friday, May 14, 2010

Brimfield overload...

Well, Brimfield was wonderful! Perfect weather (sunny, breezy, 60's) and acres and acres of fields filled with the stuff that dreams are made of! We made a good dent in the show, although it is impossible to see the entire show in one day. If you get a chance the show continues through Saturday.

Here are some treasures I bought back. I have a strange attraction to these Mexican recycled garden sculptures. I doubt if my burro will be off the deck, though. I am going to turn those quilted pillow shams into a fancy lining for my shopping cart for the next trip. And I bought 150 wooden spools for storing ribbon and from the work I create. Of course, I picked up lots of notions and other small odds and ends...including the tiniest buttons I have ever seen.

Are you ready for the fashionistas? Martha and Jane have are showing the spring and summer collection here! A must see for the fashion forward...or backward amongst us!

I am exhausted, on sensory overload--but happy! I need day of recovery before the weekend begins!

As always,

Happy weekend..

...enjoy the day!


April said...

OH OH OH!!! That Burro!!! OH he is so so sweet and what character!! I CANNOT believe you found him!!! Good thing I wasn't there, we would have gotten into a FEUD!!! You must be a Burro Magnet! Everything looks wonderful!! And Martha and Jane are having so much fun over at their site- thanks so much!!! OoOhhhhhh- THAT BURRO!

Dawn said...

I love, love, love the crazy quilt pincushions! I've never seen any like them before. I'm guessing that they were made from an old crazy quilt? I'm having button envy too. They will be great on doll clothes.

Christine LeFever said...

In short, I am simply jealous. I've never been able to make it to Brimfield. :-(

You scored some wonderful treasures and I'm so happy for you!



Mrs. Staggs said...

I've read about Brimfield in my country decorating magazines for years. It sounds so wonderful. You sure found some nice things. I love the idea of lining your shopping cart with the quilt. Very clever!