Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy granite...

This pink granite pumpkin has made a recent appearance in front of a store at the shoreline in Stony Creek, CT. Granite was quarried there for many years and a few artist still work with it.

This happy pumpkin caught my eye. I can only imagine how much it weighs. We have a small pink granite bird bath we bought at this store a few years ago and it was really heavy to set into place.

It was windy but sunny weekend and it isn't quite over for us. We are extending it another day. It's that time of year for spring clean up and yard work. Mulch is in the menu for today!

Did you see the grand finale at Martha and Jane?

Happy always,

enjoy the day!


Christina said...

omgoodness! this made me smile.
thank you!

April said...

Wonderful Happy Granite! He also looks like he would be at home on a sandy beach. What a fun discovery.