Monday, March 15, 2010

A rare find...

by Ouida Pearce, 1932

It was a stormy weekend here in New England. It has been raining for many days now. We were fine here but high wind brought down trees and there was much damage elsewhere. (Our whirligig was spinning rapidly!)

We spent a great deal of the weekend at home-- and the rest of it helping a friend whose husband has been hospitalized. It was not a weekend to travel hither and yon.

On Saturday our mail carrier brought some packages I had been waiting for. In one of the packages were the above books.

The book on the right is not a rare find but the complete set of patterns is something I have been thinking about for a decade and never expected to find. The patterns are intact and pristine which is amazing since they were once in a library. The book is pristine as well. (The original price for the pattern book was 29 cents.)

It's continues to rain and rain and rain.

We brought our friend home from the hospital and less than 24 hours he was taken back by ambulance. There is no accurate diagnosis but there have been dozens of tests. We were back at the hospital once again. Very stressful for all involved--especial since it was storming so much.

Busy, rainy day ahead. I wish I could go right back to bed!

Hope that you had a good weekend...

enjoy the day!

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Nancy said...

What a wonderful friend you are to help out.

We did not receive the rain and ventured to a thrift store where I had hoped to find similar treasures. Not this time. I do love old patterns and books. this weekend I will be unearthing some in our own home.

Hope the sun finds you soon.