Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Here is a relatively easy project. I purchased a bird cage in a craft chain store. After making a bird, and adding some embellishments, it has been transformed into a birthday gift for a friend.

The bird pattern is from Spool. I added some wings to it and cut out some of the floral print and attached them in random places. Those are fabric yoyos on the bottom of the cage in pastel colors. You can fly over to Flickr and see what others have done with the bird pattern, too.

Today is St. Patrick's Day. It will be 60 sunny degrees today! In fact, a warm sunny week is on its way!

Top of the morning to you!

Enjoy the day!


Nancy said...

I love the bird cage and was thinking it was a lucky vintage find...what a surprise to find out it is new. The addition of the soft birds gives it such a "forever" feel. Love Spool, too! Thanks for the link to the pattern.

Enjoy the weather...our snow bank are dirty, but about the size of mid-May normally. I'll take it! :-)

vogliounamelablu said...

Great job! I'd like such a wonderful birthday gift me too!