Friday, March 12, 2010

Dish of dollz...

How many dolls can fit
on a bread and butter plate?

Here are a few more tiny dolls
that live here.
I am fascinated with
small stuff.
There is wonder
in the small details of life.

In this chaotic world
don't sweat the small stuff!

Good things come
in small packages
as the proverb goes.

The weekend is nearly here.

Enjoy the day...

Happy weekend!


Nancy said...

I always love your tiny creations and collections.

Have a great weekend, too. I am so glad it is Friday!

April said...

Hah...good thing a Doll-Eating Monster doesn't live in your home! They are all so darling! LOOK AT THE MERMAID!!! And I love the tiny black doll and the one who is touching the top of the caterpillar's head (She is a cutie!)They are ALL terrific! What Fun!

Eli said...

I adore the dish of dolls, what a great idea. All such cute characters. The plate looks fantastic also!