Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Inspired by Nancy...

Yesterday I was reading La Chambre Rose, authored by Nancy, a fellow new Englander. I loved the flowers she had made. She had a link to a tutorial so I checked it out. Looking through my fabric stash, I found some polyester that I thought might melt and decided to give it a try.

Go over to Nancy's blog and take a look...her flowers look great in monotone. Her blog is always good destination for creative ideas.

The weather has remained rather warm and sunny and it is almost with disbelief that spring could actually happen soon! It was 60F yesterday, so I turned off the furnace, opened a few windows and "changed the air." (My grandmother would have been proud of me because to her stale air was a winter enemy harboring germs.) By evening the windows were closed and the house smelled spring-like.

Even the tax assessor couldn't dampen my good spirits when he assessed our home. Spring is worth a winter's wait.

A new day begins...

whatever the day brings today

...enjoy the day!

1 comment:

Nancy said...

Well, isn't that gorgeous! I have wanted to put netting on some and it looks fabulous!

(of all days to let my "whine" out...I learn something every day. I swear I held it in for months. and, you know it is NOT New England. It is the relentless squeezing until we have nothing left to give up. oh, and the total lack of people here. you all keep me going.)