Monday, March 01, 2010

Enter the GloFish...

Since we were supposed to have snow all weekend, we stayed close to home. It proved to be unnecessary since the sky turned blue and temperatures were in the 40's. It felt like early spring.

We decided to do errands, go out to lunch, do some very needed shopping and work on creative projects. In the course of having lunch, we decided the aquarium was ready to procure the rest of the fish we intended to reside in the tank.

Enter the GloFish. Genetically engineered and neon bright, we jazzed up the tank with wild bursts of color.

They come in three colors: neon green orange and red. They are fast swimmers and a challenge to photograph. In fact, they were quite chaotic the first 24 hours they were here, disrupting the peace of the tank.

So, now the nitrogen cycle is finished and the fish are "in the house." We are moving on to another project. What might that be? Well...would you believe... whirligigs? Stay tuned for more on that.

Happy Monday!

Enjoy the day!


Nancy said...

Great addition to the tank! I love whirligigs. (spelling looks funny, oh well.)

My ruffler should be here any day...I have been filling in with other stuff and can't wait to start sewing again.

It was SO springy here in VT, I was confused. A co-worker of my husband said it was "mud season". I know it is way to early for that! But, I'll take it.

AngelMc said...

I just love peaceful looking..

April said...

I love the colorful Neons!!! The tank looks terrific!

And, like Nancy, I adore Whirligigs too!!! They are not easy to find. Oh, I can't wait to see what kind you and John create!We had a pelican for years and his wings would "FLY". How about a Hank with a whirling tail???