Friday, February 26, 2010

Wintry observations...

The doorbell rang...

My neighbor's son
had brought us some roses.

When he was little
he spoke only Polish and Spanish
before he went to school.
Over the years I helped him
when he learned English in school.

Now he is twelve years old,
as tall as I
and speaks perfect English.
How time flies!
He has such lovely manners. His mother
is a florist and surprises me
with flowers from time
to time. They are a such a nice family
and work so hard.
How beautiful the roses are!

These dolls are hanging over the area where I often work.
They sparkle in the light.

Days and days of rain have turned to snow.
Looks like being in the house
is a good place to be.
We may get a foot of snow.

Roses, dolls, so many things to
brighten a wintry day!
Wishing you a happy weekend
and safe travel...

...enjoy the day!


Nancy said...

Those are the sweetest. What an incredible opportunity you had to work with him on his English! There is no better feeling than teaching, and the subject matter can be anything.

Obviously, you did a wonderful job and the flowers speak so loudly!

It's a perfect story of two caring families!

peggy gatto said...

Thanks for the morning treat!

AngelMc said...

What a sweet post. When you do a good deed it always comes back to you doesn't it?