Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A little doll stuff...

Every so often, I check in with the dolls around here. They don't get as much attention as they would like but they are still a big (but little!) presence.

A while back, I received a surprise gift from Betty with a rack full of darling clothes made to be worn with a Raikes Hitty. Betty crocheted the tiny shawl. In Hitty's arms is a tiny doll Kathy Kruse doll house doll that Betty sent. She didn't know that I collect them. The doll house dolls welcomed the new little doll and you can see how tiny the new dolls is.

At doll club this month, we had a program on doll displays given by Caroline Larson with her dolls and doll furniture. My doll, Edie, dropped in to to visit with a relative that I made many years ago and now lives with Caroline and her doll collection.

Another doll friend found this Edie-like doll below at a flea market. They look like relatives, don't they? They are both 4 inches tall but the one on the right is not an Edith Flack Ackley pattern.

Such is the life of the dolls that live in my home. They come and go, they visit, they have a life of their own and occupy quite a bit of space. They get neglected sometimes when I am busy with projects, but they are still a lot of fun to have around.

On a different note, it didn't snow...yet. It has been rain and sleet so far. It feels a lot like March. March isn't far off now and you know what that means:

Spring commences this year on March 20,
the vernal equinox.

Spring is less than a month away.

Wishing you happy spring thoughts...

enjoy the day!


Nancy said...

I'm trying to imagine creating and sewing for that tiny doll. Amazing! I loved seeing the doll and wardrobe you received. I think my favorite creative time was as a young girl making doll clothes.

Just a bit away in Vermont, we have about 10 inches of snow from last night's fall. Spring for us has nothing to do with the's looking more normal around here. Lots of snow. My spring countdown is set for mid-May and right now, that is feasible.

Plain-n-Simple! said...

How very cute!!!!!! And Teeny tiny!!! I am so ready for spring already!!!!! We got snow last night and its melted already, yuck and dreary!
many Hugs.

Rebecca said...

I just discovered your blog, through Salley Mavor's. I love your tiny dolls, especially the ones you show in a tablespoon - great idea! I collect vintage dolls houses, and my favourite dolls house dolls are Erna Meyer ones. I love the ones you have - the older ones have more character, I think - and these twins are very cute! Look like they're about to get up to mischief ;-)