Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Sneak preview...

Here's sneak preview of things to come...
since I took the photos
I have primed the whirligig
and started painting it.

Here's a view of the propeller blades.
My husband did a great job.
The whirligig spins very easily.

It comes off this base
that he made
for painting and construction
and will live outside
a window on a pole.

Had to paint it on the kitchen table
because the light is the best there.
I love our vintage table with the enamel top.
It's a perfect place to work--
impervious to paint and glue.
It's great for rolling out dough, too.

Much to do, much to do!

Enjoy the day!


Nancy said...

I'm impressed by the woodwork! Wow!!!

Also love the bird's eye maple table it is sitting on...think I'm correct.

Elizabeth said...

I'm very impressed! Can't wait to see the finished product, especially if it's a picture taken in the spring. This 1/2 snow is getting to me!

April said...

Such a wonderful whirligig! You and John ar a Winning Team! YES... can't wait to see it finished! a side note..I just saw the 18" shoulder plate doll you made...Helen, she is beautiful! She must be so impressive at 18" and so lovely! And with Eileen's outfit.... Gorgeous!

Plain-n-Simple! said...

Oh Helen I love these Whirligigs!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found a book once and we were going to make some of them...we never did, still have the book...somewheres probably in the garage. Yours are wonderful!!!!!!!!!! ...Doh! Hub just informed me that i sold the book on a yard sale... This gives me something to look for this summer another whiriygig book...Hehe! Love yours!!!