Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Things are going swimmingly around here. We have introduced some fish and will be introducing more into the aquarium in a few days.

But, first we have to take time out for a storm tomorrow that just might be a blizzard. So, today was the day to get things done. I have been busy.

We were so lucky that the other storm missed us! However, tomorrow could be a serious Nor'easter with high winds and LOTS of snow. I was just getting used to dry sidewalks and roads. It almost felt like spring today. I think the only warm water we will be near for a while is in the aquarium. Spring and summer are a long way off.

Stay warm and safe...

enjoy the day!

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Mrs. Staggs said...

The tank looks very nice, and black skirted tetras are a nice fish. I like all the tetras. I wish that they didn't school as much as they do, though. I always wished they would spread out a little bit.

I have two parakeets now. My little great nieces couldn't keep them, so I volunteered. That way, they can still visit them from time to time. I've never had birds before. They have more individual personality than I would have thought.