Monday, February 08, 2010

Busy weekend...

The busy cold weekend flew by in a flash. Now it is 13 degrees F and Monday morning. The week begins!

These photos were taken this past weekend in MA near Cummington. It was beautiful up in the hills where the snow is still on the ground.

We didn't get the snow storm here that troubled the East coast but a snow storm is in the forecast for mid-week.

There was tragic explosion in CT yesterday. We were out of state and didn't feel it although it was felt far and wide in the state. People are saying it felt like an earthquake. We frequently travel on the opposite side of the river from the power plant and nearly did so yesterday but decided to go elsewhere. So very sad for the families. Our thoughts are with them.

I am out the door early today and must get going . I hope that you had a good weekend and are ready to greet the week.

...enjoy the day!

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