Friday, February 05, 2010

Heartz and thingz...

Valentine's Day is approaching. It's my favorite holiday--as I have mentioned before. No pressure...just prettiness/cuteness/fun in mid-winter. It doesn't have to be just about romance. Remember when we were kids and we sent Valentine's to all our friends? I still do. Have been working on them this week. Here's one to you.

I heard that this year there is a brand of candy hearts that says "tweet me" keeping up with the times! E-cards and smart phone apps are the Valentines du jour these days.

Last night we introduced three fish ( black skirt tetra) into the aquarium. Since it is still in its initial nitrogen cycle, we will will have to see how they fare. So far, so good.

A winter storm is on its way tonight. Could be a big one or nothing at all. The predictions are contradictory as usual! We will have to wait and see on that, too.

The weekend is almost here. Hope that you have a good one and if you get that storm, you will remain warm and safe. The world is a troubled place. "There is no place like home"...a good place to be in a storm.

Enjoy the day...

and happy weekend!

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April said...

What a cute, happy Valentine!!! And how exciting- 3 new fish in the aquarium! I can't wait to see what they look like in their new home. Are you going to name them?