Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The more it snows...

It is snowing this morning. Though most people think about a white Christmas in New England, we actually have the most snow and precipitation in February and March. It is not unheard of to have snow storms in April as well.

So, my plan for the day is to spend it working on some projects and spend a cozy day at home. I am most grateful that I don't have to go out and fight traffic in this dark winter morning as my husband will be doing shortly. The snow plow just rumbled down the street upsetting the solitude of this snowy, sleepy morning.

Time for another cup of coffee....time to start a winter day.

...stay warm and cozy

...enjoy the day!

1 comment:

Christina said...

oh yes, it was snowing a bit here today, as well. stay warm, my friend.
enjoy your coffee.