Monday, January 11, 2010

Toni time...

Toni was my favorite childhood doll. She came with a Toni home permanent kit to curl her hair and was made by Ideal. She was first introduced in 1949 and continued to be made into the 50's. The permanent was actually a water and sugar solution and she came with little curlers to do her hair.

My doll club is participating in a fund raiser. Many clubs donate items and a new reproduction Toni Doll (made by Tonner) will be auctioned off (with her many donated possessions) at a later date. Our club's theme is Valentine's Day.

That's my 16 inch vintage Toni modeling. My original doll was lost many years ago. This is my replacement. I made an apron, a heart box that would have held chocolates, Valentines, mini paper dolls and a tiny doll made from the apron fabric for my donation. I decorated a little box to store her treasures in. Working on these things brought back fond memories of my childhood Toni.

So, that's how I spent part of the weekend. How was your weekend?

Time to start the week...doll club today and I look forward to seeing friends and dolls.

Happy Monday...

enjoy the day!


Plain-n-Simple! said...

Oh My sounds like fun to me!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you had fun at Doll Class!!!!! Love the apron and goodies!
Many Hugs,

April said...

Helen..I love everything you have done! So sweet and vintage...your time spent was well worth it because the result is lovely!

AngelMc said...

Oh my goodness that doll is gorgeous.