Friday, January 08, 2010

Out and about...

The wonderful dolls of Anna Brahms in a Don Muller Gallery in Northhampton, MA.

Ice along the road.

Turkey vulture over the road

These are few recent images...all taken while out and about. It always amazes me the endless number of things to see in this world. While having lunch in The Old Creamery yesterday I mentioned I loved the work of Anna Brahms and a new friend mentioned that there was a wonderful display not so far away in Northampton. Thanks was wonderful!

The next few days are busy, busy, busy. So, I will bid you adieu at the moment as I must be out early today. As always,

enjoy the day...

and happy weekend!


MarĂ­a Fridman said...

In truth it did not know the dolls Anna Brahms. They are delicate, a true work of art, reason why it is seen in the image. They remember me to the dolls that Marina Bychkova does, I do not know you know if them. I leave a link you you see so that them, are going to you to fascinate!


April said...

OOOHHHHHH!!! Any more Anna Brahms photos?!!!!!