Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dolls and books...

On Monday, the doll club I belong to was treated to a wonderful presentation of dolls and books by Barbra-Jean Male. She has an amazing collection of books and the dolls that are associated with them. Some of the books in the collection are now rare and hard to come by as well as some of the dolls. This is just a sampling of the books from her collection which is actually quite vast.

If you area doll lover or a book lover, this is really wonderful opportunity to visualize some beloved childhood characters. To be honest, I could not stop looking! I do have a few dolls and books in my own collection. Many members brought in dolls and books to "show and tell" so we had a wonderful time reminiscing. She has shown the collection in public libraries and I have seen the wonder when people see this collection. Can you spot Hitty in the above photo?

It seems that I have been non-stop busy since around Thanksgiving. It is time for me to do two things to start the new year: clean house and create. In a way, that is counterproductive because
"creating" will create a messy house. Nevertheless, both need to be done!

As always...

enjoy the day!

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Eileen said...

LOVELY. I enjoyed them all.. and would have loved to see them up close.