Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tiz the seazon...for heartz and thingz...

It will soon be Valentine's Day. It's my favorite holiday.

Why? It is the holiday that marks the midway point of winter. It's about feelings, hearts, flowers, colors like red and pink. When my kids were young, I used to make heart shaped sugar cookies with red sugar on them for their after school snack that day. We were all into those heart candies with the sayings. Over the years, we all received flowers from from relatives and/or friends.

My late uncle used to send me flowers every year on Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day conjures sweet memories of love in every form: young love, old love, family love, lost-and-found love. Valentine's Day can be many things to many people. It is a time to care...and remember. It is a hopeful time, too. Spring is on the way.

So, I am working on images in between other projects... looking for happy bright spots in winter days. As always,

enjoy the day!

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Nancy said...

What a special uncle to send flowers on the two days that mean so much especially a young mother. Like I said, I have really hit a creative hurdle, organizing all my precious finds so I can find them all at once. Thank you for your encouragement. It is always nice to know it isn't just me that must do this.