Monday, January 18, 2010

Gotta love'em!

Good morning, Monday!

On our way to somewhere else, we stopped by Six Paca Farm. There were a few alpacas outdoors enjoying the sun and the snow. This one was particularly inquisitive and sociable. They seem to be perpetually smiling and they make me smile, too. The yarn produced from their coats is so soft and lovely.

We had all sorts of weather over the weekend ranging from bitter cold to snow flurries to rain. Most of the snow has melted and the rain will take care of the rest.

How was your weekend? What's on your plate for today? I am immersed in projects and also have commissioned dolls to work on.

Happy Monday...

...enjoy the day!


Nancy said...

You are up early, too. I so enjoyed my stay here today. The dolls, the bears, and the stories were fun and precious. As I was catching up, I realized our weather has been quite extreme in the last couple of weeks. Actually, it seemed like spring over the weekend with temps in the high 30s causing melting on the roads, deck and front stairs.

I have two bankers boxes, two colors of bits and pieces on the floor after looking for a request. I will be listing those on etsy (that's the plan :-))and hoping one of them inspires a project.

Guys are back at work and school so my new year begins!

Christina said...

they are darling!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I am off to my sister's house in the country, to see 5 new puppies! Oh boy! There is an alpaca farm just down the road from her home, and I always enjoy seeing the creatures that live there. They always look like they are smiling to me. I especially love the babies. Don't they look wonderful in the snow?