Friday, January 22, 2010

Kitty Kat...

Here's a prototype for a Valentine I am developing.. It's modeled after a cute little vintage chenille cat I call Kitty Kat. ( By chenille, I mean pipe cleaners.) The dealer I purchased this kitty from said it was probably from the 50's or 60's but could be a little older or younger. She had it for 25 years in personal collection and it was not new when she acquired it. I tried to walk away from it, but I couldn't. It fit in with the cast of characters that already reside here.

Last night we went to a school concert that our granddaughter was participating in. It was quite lovely and the young musicians and singers were terrific. I looked out across the audience and you could tell it was winter. It was a sea of gray, black, brown and navy. No matter how many bright colors are introduced in retail, they just don't fly around here. There were five gray sweaters seated around me. I was wearing one, too! (Over my black clothes, of course.)

The weekend is just around the corner. It appears we will have nice weather and sunny days. We have several grandchild centered events this weekend, so I do not think we we will stray too far and travel. But, one never knows.

Wishing you a happy weekend...

...enjoy the day.


Christina said...

i adore valentines day! and your banner, is just adorable. your kitty will fit in just fine. : )

Nancy said...

Thank you so much for pointing out ribbon for the ruched flower! Of course, perfect for the pincushion. My squares are pretty small. I will have to learn to sew quilt blocks which is okay.

What a lovely find! And, so cute.

As a New Yorker, black was my wardrobe color of choice, and really, my comfort zone still. However, after a few years in the south, lime and pink infiltrated my closet. Now that we are back in the northeast, even a paler pink seems loud! At the office party, another wife, from India, had on color. Me, bright jacket from Chico's super sale find in Texas over the summer. (It was quilted in black, worn over black.) The rest, all denim, black, brown and gray!

I LOVE going to school concerts. How lucky you were able to be there!