Monday, January 25, 2010

Signs of spring...

There are signs of spring around. I took this photo on Main Street in Shelburne Falls over the weekend. Shelburne Falls has one of the most charming Main Streets in New England. The Bridge of Flowers looks a bit forlorn this time of year but I am looking forward to the spring blossoms that will start appearing in April.

See the "thickening" of the branches on the trees? From now on the trees will appear fuller as buds form. They have lost the stark look of November when they leaves were falling away and nature self-pruned away dead branches. Outside my window, there are large buds forming on the lilacs.

The weekend went by too quickly! Soccer and basketball games were interspersed with errands and a day trip. The weather was quite mild and if one didn't know better, one would think it was March.

Hope that you had a good weekend, too. Time to start the week!

...enjoy the day.


Christina said...

this photo has a norman rockwell look! i love it!
your comment made my day. the sun is shinning in my heart! thank you, thank you.

Martha said...

I love it, a great photo, I hope to get up there someday and have a look around, it has been years since I was there!

AngelMc said...

I always love your photos. You are probably not going to understand this, but last week I was thinking that it looked like spring and was down and out.
I still want it to be winter. I want cold wind blowing. I want ice, sleet and snow!! I know. You think I have lost my mind, but in the blink of an eye down here it will be as hot as blue blazes.
But Eddie the Pharmacist did tell me we might have snow Friday....Oh please please please, let me have a little more snow.

Nancy said...

It was very warm here, too. The clouds were low and almost black with rain. However, I was glad to have the snow cleared from the stone walkway and the deck. Now it is snowing once again, and I know that will last for about 70 days. I'm prepared and keeping busy.

I believe Shelburne was near or where my aunt and uncle lived while he did his doctoral work. We visited and stayed there many times as children.

Oh, good for you on the makeup! I think we will have our "spring" cleaning done and be able to enjoy the spring! :-)