Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Beyond cute...

Over the weekend we visited an open house at Hunter Hill Alpaca Farm. It was so much fun! We took the grands and they loved these beautiful animals. There were refreshments and a place to shop and they both left with plush alpacas in their arms. They really wanted to take home a real alpaca and so did we!

If you have ever spent any time around alpacas you know they are beyond cute. They are gentle, inquisitive, curious and seem to be perpetually smiling. I asked the owner what is the life expectancy for an alpaca and it is around 20 years. They make a wonderful pet, but they are like potato can't just have one!

On another note, I finished up all the projects for holiday sales and delivered them, so now it is time to do HOUSEWORK and work on Christmas gifts. Yes, there are dolls, drawings and painting in the mix.

Where are you in your holiday plans? Have you shopped? Have you made anything? Have you donated anything? Are you traveling?

Time to start the day so for now,

Enjoy the day!


Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

I love the window with the little pink car and bear! Nostalgic to me. An owl? So visible against the bare trees.

On holiday shopping and decorating, not yet. Decorations are out and ready. We are going to do one tree now, and if my son wants to decorate a tree, we will put another downstairs in that family room. We may spend more time there with him home since that is where the wii is located.

Sometime tomorrow morning I will be doing a special blog on giving. I hope you have time to stop by after I get it done.

Thank you again for the original artwork. I am still looking for a little easel to set these on for all time.

April said...

Alpacas certainly know how to style their hair!
I have been wearing your Santa pin everyday at work and SO MANY COMPLIMENTS!!!! And I feel very loved (And, I admit, Smug!) to have such an intricate old-fashioned Santa- HAND MADE and Unique!