Friday, December 04, 2009

A furnace in the woods...

As we were driving along a country road last weekend, we saw what we thought was a rather large fireplace in the woods.

It was actually Beckley Furnace with an historical past. At one time, this was a thriving industry. We could not help but wonder what life was like at the turn of the century if one worked at this furnace.

(click to see larger)

Built by John Adams Beckley, it was used for the manufacture of iron at the turn of the century. Luckily, it has been preserved. The grounds around it are quite wonderful and we will return there in the spring or summer to hike the trails.

There are so many hidden treasures that we come across that we are constantly amazed. Just when we think we have "seen it all" something wonderful will be revealed to us where we least expect it. True serendipity!

Tomorrow I am heading for the city. (That would be NYC.) It is the extreme opposite of this pastoral scene. But, you know what? There is hidden treasure everywhere in the city, too. I lived there when I was younger and was amazed how much I saw and found that other people didn't even notice.

The heat wave is over. It hit 70 degrees here yesterday. Tomorrow? Snow possible! Snow in the city, window shopping, bliss!

Enjoy the day...

and have a very happy weekend!


AngelMc said...

i sooo enjoy your posts and all the things you find on your travels. have a great weekeend in the big apple and be sure to post some pixs.

April said...

Good grief.....a Blast furnace!!!??? Never even heard of such a thing. I think that's awesome that the public got the money together to preserve it...looks like something magic dwarfs built.

Have fun looking in the enchanting NYC windows!

Plain-n-Simple! said...

That is so beautiful!!!!!!! The structure awes me!!!!!!! Thank You for sharing Helen!

Bill said...

Like you said on my blog, we often visit the same locations. I have photos of this furnace in stock but just have not posted them yet. I just posted photos that I had from the Egremont Inn, it burned down last night.

a painter said...

Bill--that is so funny that you photographed it, too! I am guessing we must have all visited the same places over time!