Friday, August 21, 2009

Another stairwell doll and painting

More dolls...the theme continues...

Yesterday Angel asked me how I display the dolls. That's a good question. Since we live in a very small home with limited display capacity, some have become part of our decor. The doll above sits on one of my paintings in a stair well. You can read more about the painting and fish here. The painting has to be 20 years old and the doll at least a decade old. Others are in a cabinet and some reside in built-in bookshelves with glass doors. I move them around quite often and some are stored in boxes, as well. Some get sold, some are given away. The dolls are always in a state of flux.

Thank you for the lovely comments about the bird's nest that Adele, our grand-daughter made. She is following a tradition within our family of being arty. Her mother, her aunt, and most of the women on my side of the family were/are writers, painters, needle workers and accomplished seamstresses who made their own clothes and mine, too. Her mother is a successful jewelry designer and Adele is exposed to some wonderful work and lots of art, too.

It's nearly the weekend. The weather is just plain UGLY and awful here as the effects of a hurricane have turned New England into a swamp of humidity. Not sure what to plan for the weekend. If you are in the path of the storm, I hope all will be well with you and yours.

Happy weekend and

enjoy the day!


April said...

What a magnificant view in the stairwell! All three creations look delightful together. Oouuhhhh...And I want to see the cabinet dolls up closer- so many different kinds!Maybe some more photos when you get an opportunity???

Mrs. Staggs said...

How wonderful it is that your grandaughter continues in the creative traditions of your family, Helen. I love hearing stories such as yours.

Your doll collection is truly wonderful. I've enjoyed seeing your displays, very much.