Monday, August 24, 2009

Hazy, hot and humid...

Though we were out and about this weekend, the weather was pretty steamy. As you can see from the photo above, we had that white sky that means high humidity. As the hurricane moved up the coast, it brought tropical weather with it. Normally, this would have been the turning point towards fall. This photo was taken as we sat outdoors having coffee and the air was "thick" as we say here.


Have you ever seen those inexpensive little wooden dolls in craft stores? These two were in a package for a dollar. My friend and I are swapping dolls later today. I covered a little cardboard box with paper and affixed them to the top. The dolls are about 3 inches tall. Fun--and cheap project!

It seems to be Monday. Much to do, much to do. I hope that some of the humidity will go away today. I see mildew on some of the plants in the yard and it would be nice to see a blue sky. You can tell that autumn is approaching. It's dark now when we get up in the morning.

Have a great Monday...

enjoy the day!

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