Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pretty in Pink....more of Dollz' dolls....

Several years ago, I saw the above doll in an old McCall's magazine. It has appeared over the years in many incarnations sometimes under the name "Dainty Doll." The original doll was made from bread dough. I made this one from paper clay.

Here is another doll that I made in pink. She is from a pattern by Dru Esslinger and is a Christmas ornament but I prefer her as a doll.

Last but not least, here is a Odette, a Bleuette, dressed in pink. I made her dress but not the doll. Odette was made by Anne Luree Leonard. There are many here attired in pink here but they are not all photgraphed. These are some of my very favorites.

On another note:

Have you noticed that I am using a larger font here? I looked at my blog in other browsers and could barely see the type font I was using. When I received an iTouch for my birthday, I had to download Safari.
Even though I am not a Mac user, I really like the browser but I noticed that it displays differently in other various browsers so I decided to try a larger type font.

Time to move along here and see what the day brings, so I hope that you

enjoy the day!

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Christina said...

She is so beautiful! So glad she remained in your heart.