Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Art projects....

Chugging along here with art projects. My friend and I exchanged "button fairies" as part of our weekly challenge/swap with each other. They seem to be all over the Internet at the moment--and easy project made with buttons, wire and an image for the head made from card stock. I used a pipe cleaner and vintage buttons on the one I made.

We also exchanged little collages. In some of the craft stores, they sell canvases for $1.00. They have printed images on them for painting and are 4" x 4". We cover the canvases with gesso and use them for our small works of art. A money saver compared to art canvases for collage work. The little birthday cake was fifteen cents in the markdown bin. They look nice together in this photo.

My birdhouses are going to be on sale in a show in a couple of weeks so I have been working on them right along. Tried to photographic some of them outdoors since it has been very overcast lately. Have made quite a number of these--this is just a sample.

Yesterday I fell behind because I was following a robbery that happened in a town near my daughter and ended up in her neighborhood. The armed robbers shot at police and then abandoned their vehicle in the town where she and her husband and children live.

One of them invaded home and held a lady captive but didn't injure her. The second suspect was apprehended last night. The elementary schools were locked down and it was quite a long and scary afternoon. It ended okay with nobody being harmed. There are more and more bank robberies in our state as the economy declines. It is very worrisome on so many levels.

Much catching up to do today. Still have laundry and housework from last week when we were away from the house so much.

Whatever you do...

enjoy your day!

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Susie said...

Hi, I have been roaming around your site for an hour or more now, this is my second or third time here. I just had to stop and say you sure are talented! I love the button fairies and your bird house.. and tons of other things you have made! Please keep posting I love stopping in and seeing what you are up to! Have a great day!