Monday, June 01, 2009

All good things must end...

Today it's back to work, back to regular schedules... and back to the alarm clock!

It was such a beautiful day yesterday that we dined on the shoreline at Costello's which is always a fun place to eat. No matter the weather, the upper deck is a great place with a great view. Since it is only open during the summer season, we try to visit a few times a season.

That country road in the last photo is in Quakertown. As it stands now, this road will remain unpaved since it is on private property. My husband's grandparents once owned this farm and he spent a lot of time on this road as a youngster. That big tree is lovely in any season and that road behind it is at the junction of the dirt road. Very peaceful on that corner.

Time to have another cup of coffee and start the week.

Enjoy the day!

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April said...

Helen, if you had not said different, I would think you were overlooking the pier in San Fransciso or Sausalito. I have many photos that look identical to yours- just on the opposite side of the country.The seagull cinches the deal! What a beautiful photo of him- love the black and white. Your pictures make me feel cool on our 95 degree Arkansas day!