Thursday, June 04, 2009

Cameo appearance....

Hank has just had a bath and is still slightly damp. I, his groomer, have bathed him and blow dried him. He should look good for as long as it takes from him to mess himself up again. Hank is a little piggy and can become disheveled immediately. He is 3 pound and 7 ounces of FIERCENESS, wild barking, and quirkiness!

Yorkies...not for everybody....but for those who like them, they are just the best.

Enjoy the day!


AngelMc said...

He is so cute. I bet he doesn't know he only weight 3#s 7oz does he? I bet he thinks he is as and as tough as a Doberman.

Eileen said...

Yep.. I can see his fierceness. He probably thinks he could take on Trooper. And maybe he could! LOL!