Monday, March 09, 2009



Chef renovation...

A few months ago, I made a repair on an apple head doll. I replaced the head and did some other repairs. The same customer had another doll that needed to have its head replaced and similar repairs. Johnny Appleseed is here.

I am not sure how old this chef doll is. He has resided for years on top of her refrigerator in her kitchen. He is so incredibly cool, I wanted to share his image and story here.

After cleaning out the old head, I made a cloth head with a needle sculpted nose, needle-felted matching wool hair and repaired the missing and/or broken parts.

A lot of work went into this figure originally with bread dough sculpts and real foods. Apple head dolls don't always do well over time. They fall prey to humidity, pests, and deterioration. I actually have seen some really old dolls that were quite durable but perhaps the drying technique was different then. When I finished the repairs, I sealed some of the parts with many coats of sealer. He has morphed into a cloth doll!

I was happy to save this chef for its owner. Don't be afraid to make repairs and restore items that still have value. Another person might have thrown it away. I think he has many more years of life in him!

It seems to be Monday again. Enjoy your day!

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Kristine said...

just popping in to say this is my first visit, and I love your vintage collections!
Your blog is so entertaining and inspirational!
Great post!!!!...LOVE it!!!