Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Edith Ackley Baby pattern holiday dolls

decorated birdhouses

a doll repair

bottle cap pin cushions
(original design by Very Big Jen)

This and that...

This is what I have been working on lately. As always, I am trying my best to keep up with the mundane stuff like housework and laundry.

I made the Edith Ackley pattern doll as a Santa. Then decided I needed an angel.

The birdhouses have multiplied so quickly that I didn't keep up with photos. Have made at least a dozen more since I took this photo. I am selling them at Christmas boutique trunk shows around here. They seem to be getting more lavish all the time. I have recently started making them decorated for Christmas.

See a little lady card behind the St. Anthony card? That is a card by Christine LeFever. She is featured in a magazine with these cards and you can read about it here. My friend gave me the St. Anthony card recently. It is from Italy and beautifully printed with gold embossing on it.

Of course, I am working on Christmas cards, holiday ATC cards which I include in my Christmas cards, Mrs. Staggs' sketchbook assignments, and other surprise stuff I cannot show here because my family checks this blog from time to time!

Johnny Appleseed was an apple head doll whose head had deteriorated leaving only his hat! A fellow doll club member needed someone to replace the head with a cloth head. After making and adding the head, I repaired the doll and added some props. He is kind of cute!

The bottle cap pin cushions are very popular on the Internet. They were originally designed by Big Jen. They are featured in a really nice book as well as a super fun tutorial. I notice that people who sell these on line don't always give credit where it is due.

What have you been up to? Anybody out there making hand made gifts this year? Considering the economy, I think hand made is a better idea than ever. But, in actuality, I have always made gifts by hand. It is a family tradition. Families who lived through the Great Depression passed this down through generations and it is not a new concept in my neck of the woods. Yankee thriftiness is alive and well in New England!

Many thanks to the readers who comment in my blog and to those who send me nice e-mails about my blog. I suppose I should comment within the comments area, but I always forget. I really love hearing from people.

Enjoy your day!


Anonymous said...

This is a first for me. Sometimes a public forum gets my fingers in a snarl. I like those birdhouses. And yes, I too, am from the depression "waste not, want not" era. I really like using things on hand. love cip

Christine LeFever said...

Thank you for putting my slip-in of my doll AnnaBeth in your blog!!!

You are doing some wonderful work here, as always. And yes, New England thriftiness is the best. I love and always have preferred things made by hand as gifts. Simplifying Christmas is a good thing in spite of a bad economy.

Delightful post!


Eileen said...

Oh! The angel! Of course she is perfect with Santa. I bet you wish you could keep that dear Johnny Appleseed.. he is full of charm.
ya.. I need to make gifts this year too. But I can't ever think of anything clever like you do.

paris parfait said...

These decorative items are so unique and lovely. Will you come decorate our apartment, please? :)