Monday, November 10, 2008

Larger than life....

I took these photos in the town of Kent, CT, this past weekend. They are quite striking aren't they? I believe they are the work of Peter Woytuk who seems to be represented by the Morrison Gallery. You can click on the photos to see them larger.

They are so amazing in person--beautifully conceived and executed. My feeble attempts at digital photography do not do these magnificent sculptures justice.

You can see many fine examples of his work online by using his name in a search engine. The gallery was not open or I would have gone in and seen some really fabulous art that I could see through the window.

Many towns in New England have wonderful contemporary art on their greens and it is a true joy for the public to see. This was an especailly wonderful opportunity for me as I am a huge fan of large scale work.

Usually there are plenty of memorials and statues of Revolutionary War figures on these town greens as well, so it makes for a wonderful mix of new and old. We are so very lucky in New England to be exposed to art and history everywhere we look. I can never see enough and there are new discoveries around every corner.

Happy Monday. Enjoy your day. As usual, I have much to do about nothing!


paris parfait said...

These are terrific sculptures. So nice to see art in unexpected locations.

Anonymous said...

amazing......just amazing....angelmc

AngelMc said...

i love looking at all your photos. one day i'm going to visit new england..........and the dolls, they are just wonderful, the little one in the spoon is so precious.